Frequently Asked Questions

1: Why do I need video content to promote my brand / business?

People view brands or businesses more positively after watching video content about them.

2: How can video content help my website?

Embedding video content on your homepage can increase your Click Through Rate by 30%.

3: Will video have any effect on SEO?

Videos can boost SEO by targeting specific keywords in search engines. For Google an indexed video may have up to 50 times more chance of ranking on the first page that a textual page in the index. The added time a user spends watching a video on your website will also improve your ranking.

4: Will my customers want to watch a video?

Potential customers may not want to read much and so by using video content, your business becomes entertaining to watch, enabling you to capture the fun and spirit of your business whilst giving your audience a greater understanding of what you are all about.

5: Can it be used for social media sharing?

Videos are perfect content to be shared on social media. There is potential to make a video that goes viral by telling a good story with an element of surprise or emotion.

6: Do videos have a good return on investment?

More than 50% of marketing professionals say that video content has the best return on investment.

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