Video Production

Video production specialists focusing on discovery and expression

Every video production is unique in it’s rationale and delivery, so you won’t hear us talking about statistics and figures of how people engage with videos. Our objective is to work closely with you to produce contemporary, distinctive, emotive and authentic video productions that tell the story of your business and engage your audience for longer, by complimenting your look, feel and language. Bleak House Media’s video production service works with you to create a video that sets your business apart from the competition.

Getting to know your business is the first step. Our familiar yet professional approach enables us to explore the unique characteristics of your business, it’s personality, culture and customer-base to develop a strong insight into the essence, promise, attributes and positioning.

After getting to know your business, we work with you to develop a concept and matrix of messages that articulate the central principle of your product or brand, so it can be taken from script to screen and used across your marketing, communication and engagement channels with clarity and satisfaction.

Specialist Services We Offer

As we said earlier, all of our productions are unique and so deserve an independent approach in the production process. Whether this means bringing in specialist crew, equipment, production techniques and facilities, Bleak House Media have the experience, expertise and contacts to ensure your video gets the best possible service it deserves.

  • Aerial Photography and Cinematography
  • Studio Capture
  • Highspeed Cinematography
  • Gimbal and Stabilisation Rigs
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The key to a successful video campaign is in the script and storyboard stage. We will work with you to create a brief and execute a strategy that will envisage the perfect solution in sound and visual content.

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We shoot in a range of interiors, exteriors and studios, whilst using our knowledge and experience to recommend the very best technical spec that will capture your script in it’s most effective style.

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Our editing and post production facility is where your film will begin to take on its final form. Carefully crafting your film frame by frame, we will ensure that your product is delivering your message in the most effective manner.

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